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Images Availability Category Medium Medium Details Description Height Width Depth
Circular Void In Production Sculptures Clay white sculpture clay, built hollow

Hollow form

Agnes Sold Sculptures Clay

clay, patina

19.00 11.00 16.00
Leaf Available Sculptures Clay glazed

clay, fired and glazed

20.00 20.00
Diana Available Sculptures Clay

clay, painted and fired, wood frame

25.00 20.00
Seated Nude Available Sculptures Clay

clay tablet, engraved, wooden frame

25.00 20.00
Dialogue Exhibited Sculptures Clay, paint

clay tablet, engraved, mounted in a frame

25.00 20.00
Untitled Available Paintings oil on wood

Oil on wooden door

92.00 160.00
Nina Exhibited Sculptures Clay, patina 32.00 19.00 23.00
Oracle Available Sculptures White sculpture clay fired to cone 6

Ed seated x2

40.00 52.00 38.00
Ed In Production Sculptures Black Clay not fired yet

i have been working on this sculpture from a drawing. Ed is one of our best models, he takes the most intricate poses. Contained, folded into himself, isolated, this pose speaks to me. I want to continue exploring the shape, abstracting it without loosing the feeling.

21.00 28.00 23.00
Ed 2 Available Drawings pastel on acid free paper 37.00 33.00
Ed Available Drawings Charcoal

charcoal drawing, I am using this drawing for a sculpture project, love the pose.

35.00 38.00
Athena Exhibited Sculptures Black Clay
Solitude In Production Sculptures White sculpture clay unfired 41.00 17.00 22.00
Emerging In Production Sculptures Clay burnished, solid

work in progress, not fired

Untitled Available Prints Mixed media Printing ink, watercolour, Tempera


30.00 20.00
June Available Drawings Conte 34.00 41.00
Untitled Available Drawings Indian ink

Drawing - ink with ink wash

23.00 21.00
Olivia Available Photography pastel

pastel drawing

66.00 50.00
Reclining Nude Available Paintings Mixed media printing ink, pastels

mixed media on printed acid free paper

41.00 35.00
Abstraction Available Paintings Watercolour

Watercolour on acid free paper

35.00 33.00
Faces - with Stamp Available Prints printing ink, postage stamp

print with collage

17.00 15.00
Pensive Available Sculptures Black Clay black clay, fired to cone 6 20.00 12.00 14.00
Faces 3 Available Prints printing ink
Georgina Available Prints black printing ink on BFK paper 57.00 42.00
Faces 3 Exhibited Prints black printing ink printing ink 15.00 10.00
Obelisk Available Sculptures Clay, painted 27.00 3.00 3.00
Georgina Available Print black printing ink on BFK paper

drawing on plexiglass plate with printing ink, printed with Praga press

57.00 42.00
Eramosa River Available Paintings Oil on Canvas 42.00 57.00 2.00
Phoenix Available Sculptures Clay 29.00 10.00 10.00
Petra Exhibited Sculptures Black Clay 30.00 10.00 15.00
Torso 1 Available Sculptures Black Clay 23.00 14.00 10.00
Grandmothers - Ode of Joy Exhibited Sculptures white clay

This piece was fired to cone 6. The bust is placed on a base and has a hand and 2 pieces of clay forming a wrap added.

Grandmothers In Production Sculptures white clay will be high fired in wood burning kiln

not fired, work in progress

Untitled Sold Sculptures Clay high fired in a wood burning kiln

test piece, fired in a wood burning kiln.

18.00 9.00 10.00
Water Exhibited Sculptures Black Clay fired to cone 6

On the back of the base a poem from the TAO TE CHING 78:
Nothing on earth is more gentle and yielding than water, yet nothing is stronger. When it confronts a wall of stone gentleness overcomes hardness; The power of water prevails.

Hug Available Sculptures Clay smoke fired 33.00 20.00 21.00
Butternut squash Sold Paintings watercolour on acid free paper


Rail to Trail, Belwood Sold Paintings Oil on Canvas 26.00 20.00
Spirit Woman Exhibited Sculptures Clay clay with metallic paint finish 56.00
Afloat Available Sculptures Clay patina
The Elora Town Musicians Exhibited Sculptures White sculpture clay stains, patina

semi abstract

Embrace In Production Sculptures white clay

there are 3 versions of this sculpture, one I worked on from live models, one marquette I did in order to figure out the dimensions for a larger version of the original. The last 2 images are of the marquette, 18x13x12 cm.

45.00 42.00 28.00
Extension In Production Sculptures White sculpture clay

this is the piece that was accepted for Elora, now I am working on an enlarged version to be exhibited for The Elora Sculpture Project.

50.00 20.00 17.00
Mindful Available Sculptures White sculpture clay stains, 25.00 17.00
Reflecting Available Sculptures White sculpture clay stains, glazed 21.00 11.00
Blue profile Head Available Sculptures White sculpture clay stained and glazed 20.00 12.00
Twin Sentiment Available Sculptures porcelain, glazed fired to cone 6 30.00 9.00 7.00
The Storyteller 2 Available Sculptures Black Clay black clay, fired to cone 6, can be left outdoors. 63.00 27.00 20.00
Dance 4, [Tarquinia: Tomba del Triclinio] Available Prints Lithograph

Lithograph with transfer

49.00 38.00