This is a sortable list of all the published works included on the site. Clicking on the title or image will bring you to the details of that work.

Images Availability Category Medium Medium Details Description Height Width Depth
Untitled Available Drawings Watercolour pencil

Watercolour pencil drawing on a plate, printed on moist acid free paper

60.00 45.00
Profile Head Available Print ink on acid free paper

Print, using etching ink

32.00 21.00
Angelina Available Drawings Watercolour pencil Printed on BFK paper, watercolour pencil


61.00 46.00
Gesture and Movement Available Drawings oil stick on acid free paper

oil stick drawing on primed acid free paper

29.00 56.00
Dreamer Available Drawings printing ink on paper

A brush drawing using printing ink on a plate, printed.

60.00 42.00
Seated Nude Available Drawings printing ink on paper 64.00 51.00
Untitled Available Paintings oil paint on acid free paper

Leap with joy, reaching high, just having fun..

60.00 35.00
Spirit Of Youth Available Sculptures White sculpture clay

Seated young woman. White clay emphasizes Youth, she looks eager for what is to come. Sculpted from a life model.

31.00 20.00 31.00
Hans Exhibited Sculptures Black Clay built hollow

This wonderful older gentleman modelled for us. The bust developed as of its own accord to elongate and grow fast and furious. I was happy with the result.

39.00 28.00 23.00
The Storyteller Available Sculptures Black Clay black clay, fired to cone 6, can be left outdoors.

The Storyteller was created to honour an African storyteller, dancer and entertainer that modelled for our Sculpture group. Having come to Canada from Ghana she shares a rich treasure of stories and customs.

39.00 32.00 28.00
Abstraction Available Sculptures Black Clay

This small sculpture was created using black clay. I had a female figure in mind, one view opens to the center, to what is out there. rounded shapes grow upwards and all around.

27.00 9.00 9.00
Georgina Available Print black printing ink on BFK paper monoprint
Georgina Available Print black printing ink
Georgina Available Print black printing ink
The Kiss Available Print Woodcut


Woman with folded Arms Available Print Watercolour printed on BFK paper

watercolour print

Dance of the Healing Woman Available Print black printing ink


The Kiss Available Print printing ink


Profile Head Available Print printing ink

mono print

Georgina Available Print printing ink

Monoprint - printing ink on BFK paper

The Feather Earring Sold Sculptures porcelain

Image created with stains on porcelain, fired to cone 6

15.00 19.00
The Gift of Wings Available Sculptures White sculpture clay fired to cone 6

Clay sculpture

Red Recliner Available Sculptures Clay, stains and glazes
Coming of Age Available Sculptures Black Clay, coloured slip

Black clay, inspired by a National Geographic book

58.00 22.00 16.00
Elm Elegie In Production Sculptures wood assemblage of elm wood
Silke Available Sculptures red clay

Wall piece

38.00 12.00 8.00
Untitled In Production Sculptures White sculpture clay

unfired clay

Blue Trees Available Paintings Oil on Canvas 122.00 92.00
Pink Balance Available Paintings Acrylic

The 2 pink circles in white space - balancing the rest

79.00 60.00
The Mechanical Nightingale Available Paintings Oil on Canvas 122.00 92.00
Space Venture Available Paintings Oil on Canvas 61.00 61.00
Reclining Figure, Abstract In Production Sculptures red clay new clay, lots of grog. Just bisque fired it, now it is pink, will turn dark when fired again. 31.00 12.00 15.00
Woman Landscape In Production Sculptures red clay unfired

unfired red clay

44.00 12.00 20.00
Repose In Production red clay
Submerged Available Black Clay
Helen Rose - Abstract Available red clay
Helen Rose Available Sculptures red clay 23.00 32.00 14.00
The Organic Gardener Available Sculptures White sculpture clay 23.00 28.00 20.00
Little Maid on the Rocks Available Sculptures Black Clay 27.00 23.00 19.00
Woman Warrior, (Iron Woman) Available Sculptures Black Clay

Addition of some iron parts on each side of sculpture. Decided to have it mounted on an iron stand instead. It received 3. Price at the Wellington Artists Juried Show.

34.00 23.00 24.00
Repose Available Drawings Charcoal 41.00 37.00
Etruscan Dancers Available Print printing ink repeat printing with coloured inks 56.00 76.00
Ready for the Ballet Available Prints printing ink printing inks 41.00 20.00
The Kiss Exhibited Print printing ink Woodcut
Turned Away Available Drawings Charcoal 61.00 51.00
Martin, Image 1 In Production Sculptures red clay 31.00 29.00 26.00
Whats' with the Nest? Exhibited Sculptures Clay, Metal and Wood cement base, stone, pieces of farm equipment

Sculpture combining metal wood and clay

Seated Woman Available Drawings transfer ink
Hosanna Available Drawings Oil stick Oil Stick on acid free paper 34.00 28.00
Horizontal Nude Available Prints Woodcut black printing ink