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Images Availability Category Medium Medium Details Description Height Width Depth
Spirit Woman (Georgina) Available Sculptures Clay

Georgina! I have sculpted and drawn her so many times. A model loved and admired by all that have been lucky enough to have her pose.

28.00 16.00 18.00
Ed, Available Sculptures Clay white sculpture clay, bisque fired
Eve Available Sculptures Clay White sculpture clay, low fire glazes
Seated Woman Available Sculptures Clay White sculpture cay, bisqued

Seated Woman has been glazed

Wood Nymph Available Sculptures Clay White sculpture clay, bisqued, smoke fired
Young Clown Available Sculptures Clay white stone ware, low fired glazes 35.00 23.00 14.00
Broken Dream Available Sculptures Clay Black clay fired to cone 06.

"Broken Dreams" sculpted with black clay, bisque fired, then fired again to cone 06. It broke at the 2. firing. I assembled the pieces to a new formation with automotive body filler.

25.00 15.00 11.00