Artists Journal


Small scale experiments, trying to reduce the form, accent the lines and movements.
The Sculpture Group is back in session, after the Summer break i should do the same.Still mourn for my Grandmother, this has taken much from me.
Can a line, curve, movement say as much as a detailed portrait?

Grandmothers - Ode of Joy- becomes Ode of sorrow

It was one of my favourites, I did love this work. Making it, working with the model gave me such pleasure, I will try to remember that.
There is no conceivable reason for someone to do such mischief.

Grandmother's - damaged in Elora

She is back up again! Getting an e-mail that my sculpture was damaged was a shock to me. David Cross had to take the whole thing down, even the stand was affected, the iron rod on the inside broken, someone must have used a lot of force.
So glad the bust was still O.K., some hairline cracks, but I was able to make a new wrap and put it together again.

Grandmothers - Ode of Joy

Last Sunday we walked around Fergus and Elora to see all the new sculptures on display this year. Mine was placed in front of the drugstore in Elora. We had a sunny day this time, nice work.

2019 - ?

This past week I entered 2 juried shows, The Elora Sculpture Project and The Ontario Artist Society's call for work. The sculptures entered for Elora are not ready, I intend to finish the one I call "Grandmothers" and enlarge a small seated figure. For The Artist Society I submitted "Hans" and "Water".
On Friday I went with Marlene to an Opening in Kitchener. It was at an Artist-Run Gallery called the art district gallery. Lots of people, a nice show.

My new sculpture "Water"

On Sunday, May 6/18, we, that is the sponsors and originators of the "Elora Sculpture Project" gathered with this years artists at The Lost and Found Cafe in Elora to celebrate one more year of the successful project. Luckily it was a warm spring day for the walking tour around town. It started out with a bus trip to Fergus, 5 of the sculptures are on display there.
"Water" is right along the river behind the new library.

Elora Sculpture Project

Again the installation date for The Elora Sculpture Project approaches. My new piece is in production, parts of it are drying, the hands still have to be done. Gord Hares is making molds of Mercede's hands for me, she was the model for my sculpture.
Also made 2 small pieces of her, we all like her as a model.
Ann from Headwaters gave me some clay she uses for wood firing, she fired a test sample, it turns a beautiful bisque color. Plan to make an abstract piece with that clay and have her fire it.

Headwaters Art Festival

This time my " Elora Town Musicians" got accepted for the show. It will go back into my Sculpture Garden on the farm later.


June 4, this morning I travelled to Luzern to visit a museum that one woman established in Luzern. Along with Picasso and Klee the Rosengart Collection puts a clear emphasis on classic modernism. The collection is a subjective choice assembled "with the heart " by Siegfried Rosengart and his daughter Angela.
32 paintings of Picasso as well as some 100 drawings, watercolours and numerous graphic and sculptural works together with photos by Picasso's friend David Douglas Duncan.

Visiting Basel to see the Monet exhibition

So happy to be here in Switzerland and having the chance to see this incredible collection of Monet's paintings. The museum of The Beyeler Foundation is set outside of Basel in a park with walkways, ponds and outdoor sculptures. The exhibition, comprising 62 works from major European, American and Japanese museums, along with many rare paintings from private collections is arranged in key themes of the artists work.