Artists Journal

Figureworks 2016

One of my sculptures was accepted to be shown in "Figureworks 2016. The show opens on November 22/16 at SAINT BRIGID'S CENTRE FOR THE ARTS in Ottawa. (310 St. Patrick St.)

Elora Sculpture Project

This year a sculpture of mine is displayed in Elora on Mill Street. The opening party was on May 15. The group walked around to see all the new work. A very cold and snowy day!

The Storyteller 2

Last week we picked up "The Storyteller" in Elora. First chance to get a good picture for my website.

Headwater Arts Festival

Ready for your visit!

Elora Sculpture Project

2015 Elora Sculpture Project displays sculptures throughout the village from May to October.

Headwaters Art Festival

Studio Artevoke is taking part in the Headwaters Art Festival.

Visit to Westport

Next year I will take part in a workshop given by Adrian Aleo in Westport. We will drive to Westport on our way home tomorrow and check out the place. Gristmill Studios will host the workshop running from May 21 to 25. This will be an exiting venture, I am looking forward to work with a group of artists for that length of time.

Art tours and festivals

just finished the Hills of Erin Studio tour, The Headwater Festival will still be on next weekend. All my pieces made it to the show, I am pleased to have them displayed so well.
The past weekend I had a guest artist sharing my studio, Carole St.Amand, she does traditional rug hooking. Loved her work!
On Saturday I will volunteer at the SGI centre, this will give me a chance to take in the show once more.

New Work

Just uploaded some images of recent work. The Gift of Wings will have to be fired once more, Spirit of Youth is good as is. I like the plain white for those 2, they look good together as a grouping. We are getting ready for the Studio Tour and Arts Festival.

At this time I am working on a black clay piece, using Georgina as a take off.

"Walkabout in Elora"

On Sunday, it was a warm, sunny day, we made the rounds to see all the new sculptures that are in Elora for the season. Great new pieces, some of the artists came along and talked about their work.