Artists Journal

New Work

Just uploaded some images of recent work. The Gift of Wings will have to be fired once more, Spirit of Youth is good as is. I like the plain white for those 2, they look good together as a grouping. We are getting ready for the Studio Tour and Arts Festival.

At this time I am working on a black clay piece, using Georgina as a take off.

"Walkabout in Elora"

On Sunday, it was a warm, sunny day, we made the rounds to see all the new sculptures that are in Elora for the season. Great new pieces, some of the artists came along and talked about their work.

Elora Sculpture Project

just visited Dave Cross, he will install my sculpture on Mill Street on Saturday. Norbert made a base, it should look good.

Large wood sculptures

will be installed on Tuesday. Soon I will have new photos of the completed work. Norbert is helping me with the assembling. Looking good..

Headwater Arts Festival

Just received notice that 2 of my wood sculptures are going to be placed outside the SGI Centre for the duration of the Festival. I am pleased, we will have to assemble the wood and make it secure. Also will have one clay sculpture in the Wellington Artist's Galleries juried show.

2013 Hills of Erin Studio Tour

As I am organizing for the tour big changes are underway. The 16x20 large room beside my studio is about to be transformed into an art gallery. The walls painted white, furniture sold or given away, this space will be great to for displaying my work.
Marlene Madole is my guest for the tour. Saturday and Sunday September 21- 22. For some weeks now we had had a chance to display work in store windows on Main Street in Erin.

Elm Wood, Natures Design

Right now a wood sculpture of mine is exhibited at the Insights show at The Wellington County Museum. Norbert was cutting a dead elm tree and noticed the intricate pattern the insects left on the wood. So I used 5 pieces and assembled them. I shall import the image.

Installation of my sculpture in Elora

This morning we placed "Iron Woman" in the Elora Sculpture Garden. Dave has made a new stand for it, looks good. I shall post a new image.
So if you visit in Elora look for Iron Woman, No. 3 on the list.

Sculpture accepted for Elora Sculpture Garden

Yesterday I had a phone call letting me know that my sculpture "Iron Woman" will be shown for the season in Elora.

Workshops in Waterloo

This month I have taken 2 workshops in Waterloo, one in Image Transfer and one for Making and Using Paper clay. What I learned will be useful for my work. Paper clay can be built up in stages, is much lighter, also can be used for wall pieces or tall skinny sculptures without armatures.
These workshops are held at the Glass and Clay Gallery, the test pieces we do are fired and glazed there, a great place to learn.