Medium Medium Details Height Width
Reclining Figure, Abstract red clay new clay, lots of grog. Just bisque fired it, now it is pink, will turn dark when fired again. 31.00 12.00 15.00
Woman Landscape red clay unfired 44.00 12.00 20.00
Helen Rose red clay 23.00 32.00 14.00
The Organic Gardener White sculpture clay 23.00 28.00 20.00
Little Maid on the Rocks Black Clay 27.00 23.00 19.00
Woman Warrior, (Iron Woman) Black Clay 34.00 23.00 24.00
Martin, Image 1 red clay 31.00 29.00 26.00
Whats' with the Nest? Clay, Metal and Wood cement base, stone, pieces of farm equipment
Helen Rose -Reclining woman red clay
Salutation to the Sun White sculpture clay Acrilic Paint finish